Multiple PhD positions: International Max Planck Research School for Chemistry and Physics of Quantum Materials

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Job Offer from September 23, 2019

The International Max Planck Research School for Chemistry and Physics of Quantum Materials (IMPRS-CPQM) is a joint PhD program between our institute, Technische Universität Dresden and the University of St Andrews, Scotland. By working together, we create a highly attractive overall package of PhD level research on solid-state chemistry and condensed matter physics. It builds on world‐class research activities in quantum materials at the three institutions, and will provide successful candidates with a stimulating environment and the opportunity to interact and work with leading scientists from the three sites.


We seek to recruit up to ten PhD students in 2020 to a range of inter‐institutional research projects in the broadly defined field of quantum materials. Research work will be combined with graduate courses and general skills training. Both experimental and theoretical projects are offered and a complete list of all projects is available on the website of IMPRS-CPQM.


While most positions will be filled with students holding a Masters degree (or equivalent), applications from candidates with excellent Bachelor degrees will also be considered.

Excellent candidates from any country are encouraged to apply. We aim to maintain a good gender balance within the School and strongly encourage applications from female candidates.


Our research is generously funded and successful candidates will have the opportunity to work with world‐leading people, infrastructure and facilities. They will also be financially supported to cover tuition and living expenses.


Closing date for application is 30 November 2019. Accepted candidates are expected to start their projects no later than September 2020.


For detailed application guidelines, please visit our web site.

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