Hall-bar of a Heusler thin film connected to a standard puck to investigate the materials transport properties

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Journal Article
Zhang, H.; Baitinger, M.; Fang, L.; Schnelle, W.; Borrmann, H.; Burkhardt, U.; Ormeci, A.; Zhao, J. T.; Grin, Y.: Synthesis and Properties of Type-I Clathrate Phases Rb8-x-tKxtAuyGe46-y. Inorganic Chemistry 52 (17), pp. 9720 - 9726 (2013)
Journal Article
Zhang, H.; Fang, L.; Tang, M.-B.; Chen, H.-H.; Yang, X.-X.; Guo, X.; Zhao, J.-T.; Grin, Y.: Synthesis and properties of CaCd2Sb2 and EuCd2Sb2. Intermetallics 18, pp. 193 - 198 (2010)
Journal Article
Zhang, H.; Fang, L.; Tang, M.-B.; Man, Z. Y.; Chen, H. H.; Yang, X. X.; Baitinger, M.; Grin, Y.; Zhao, J.-T.: Thermoelectric properties of YbxEu1−xCd2Sb2. The Journal of Chemical Physics 133 (19), 194701, pp. 194701-1 - 194701-5 (2010)
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