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  1. 2018
    Journal Article
    Huesges, Z.; Schmalzl, K.; Geibel, C.; Brando, M.; Steglich, F.; Stockert, O.: Robustness of magnons near the quantum critical point in the heavy-fermion superconductor CeCu2Si2. Physical Review B 98 (13), 134425, pp. 1 - 6 (2018)
  2. Journal Article
    Huesges, Z.; Kliemt, K.; Krellner, C.; Sarkar, R.; Klauß, H.-H.; Geibel, C.; Rotter, M.; Novák, P.; Kunes, J.; Stockert, O.: Analysis of the crystal electric field parameters of YbNi4P2. New Journal of Physics 20, 073021, pp. 1 - 9 (2018)
  3. 2017
    Journal Article
    Fritsch, V.; Lucas, S.; Huesges, Z.; Sakai, A.; Kittler, W.; Taubenheim, C.; Woitschach, S.; Pedersen, B.; Grube, K.; Schmidt, B. et al.; Gegenwart, P.; Stockert, O.; Löhneysen, H. v.: CePdAl - a Kondo lattice with partial frustration. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 807 (3), 032003, pp. 1 - 8 (2017)
  4. Journal Article
    Gruner, T.; Jang, D.; Huesges, Z.; Cardoso-Gil, R.; Fecher, G. H.; Koza, M. M.; Stockert, O.; Mackenzie, A. P.; Brando, M.; Geibel, C.: Charge density wave quantum critical point with strong enhancement of superconductivity. Nature Physics (13), pp. 967 - 972 (2017)
  5. Journal Article
    Huesges, Z.; Lucas, S.; Wunderlich, S.; Yokaichiya, F.; Prokes, K.; Schmalzl, K.; Lemee-Cailleau, M.-H.; Pedersen, B.; Fritsch, V.; Loehneysen, H. v. et al.; Stockert, O.: Evolution of the partially frustrated magnetic order in CePd1-xNixAl. Physical Review B 96 (14), 144405, pp. 1 - 5 (2017)
  6. 2015
    Journal Article
    Fritsch, V.; Stockert, O.; Huang, C.-L.; Bagrets, N.; Kittler, W.; Taubenheim, C.; Pilawa, B.; Woitschach, S.; Huesges, Z.; Lucas, S. et al.; Schneidewind, A.; Grube, K.; Löhneysen, H. v.: Role of the tuning parameter at magnetic quantum phase transitions. European Physical Journal - Special Topics 224 (6), pp. 997 - 1019 (2015)
  7. Journal Article
    Huesges, Z.; Koza, M. M.; Embs, J. P.; Fennell, T.; Simeoni, G.; Geibel, C.; Krellner, C.; Stockert, O.: Ferromagnetic fluctuations in YbNi4P2 measured by inelastic neutron scattering. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON STRONGLY CORRELATED ELECTRON SYSTEMS 2014 (SCES2014), 012083 (2015)
  8. 2014
    Journal Article
    Huesges, Z.; Müller, C.; Paulus, B.; Maschio, L.: Dispersion corrected DFT calculations for the adsorption of N2O on MgO. Surface Science 627, pp. 11 - 15 (2014)
  9. 2013
    Journal Article
    Huesges, Z.; Muller, C.; Paulus, B.; Hough, C.; Harrison, N.; Kemnitz, E.: Characterising MgF2 surfaces with CO adsorption calculations. Surface Science 609, pp. 73 - 77 (2013)
  10. Journal Article
    Huesges, Z.; Stockert, O.; Koza, M. M.; Krellner, C.; Geibel, C.; Steglich, F.: Crystalline electric field splitting in YbNi4P2 measured by inelastic neutron scattering. Physica Status Solidi B 250 (3), pp. 522 - 524 (2013)

Thesis - PhD (1)

  1. 2016
    Thesis - PhD
    Hüsges, A. Z.: Probing magnetic fluctuations close to quantum critical points by neutron scattering. Dissertation, 134 pp., Technische Universität, Dresden (2016)
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