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Journal Article
Anupam, A.; Anand, V. K.; Paulose, P. L.; Ramakrishnan, S.; Geibel, C.; Hossain, Z.: Effect of Ni doping on magnetism and superconductivity in Eu0.5K0.5Fe2As2. Physical Review B 85 (14), 144513, pp. 144513-1 - 144513-8 (2012)
Journal Article
Kini, N. S.; Strydom, A. M.; Jeevan, H. S.; Geibel, C.; Ramakrishnan, S.: Transport and thermal properties of weakly ferromagnetic Sr2IrO4. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 18 (35), pp. 8205 - 8216 (2006)
Journal Article
Hossain, Z.; Schmidt, M.; Schnelle, W.; Jeevan, H. S.; Geibel, C.; Ramakrishnan, S.; Mydosh, J. A.; Grin, Y.: Coexistence of magnetic order and charge density wave in a Kondo lattice: Yb5Ir4Si10. Physical Review B 71 (6), pp. 060406-1 - 060406-4 (2005)
Journal Article
Kini, N. S.; Bentien, A.; Ramakrishnan, S.; Geibel, C.: Specific heat and transport study of the co-existence of charge-density-wave and weak ferromagnetism in BaIrO3. Physica B-Condensed Matter 359-361, pp. 1264 - 1266 (2005)
Journal Article
Ramakrishnan, S.; Patil, N. G.; Nieuwenhuys, G. J.; Mydosh, J. A.: Multiple magnetic transitions in single-crystal Gd5Rh4Ge10. Physical Review B 68 (9), pp. 094420-1 - 094420-5 (2003)
Journal Article
Singh, Y.; Ramakrishnan, S.; Hossain, Z.; Geibel, C.: Antiferromagnetic ordering in the Kondo lattice system Yb2Fe3Si5. Physical Review B 66 (1), 014415, p. 014415 - 014415 (2002)
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