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Wang, G.; Valldor, M.; Spielberg, E. T.; Mudring, A.-V.: Ionothermal Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Magnetic Study of Co2PO4OH Isostructural with Caminite. Inorganic Chemistry 53 (6), S. 3072 - 3077 (2014)
Wortmann, L.; Ilyas, S.; Niznansky, D.; Valldor, M.; Arroub, K.; Berger, N.; Rahme, K.; Holmes, J.; Mathur, S.: Bioconjugated Iron Oxide Nanocubes: Synthesis, Functionalization, and Vectorization. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 (19), S. 16631 - 16642 (2014)
Steinberg, S.; Valldor, M.; Meyer, G.: Change of magnetic and electronic features through subtle substitution in cubic, non-centrosymmetric extended rare-earth metal cluster complexes {TR3}X3. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 206, S. 176 - 181 (2013)
Valldor, M.; Meyer, E.; Rustige, C.; Meyer, G.: Clusters and ions in {TR6}X12R (T=Fe, Co, Ru, Os, Ir, R=Dy, Ho, Er, X=Br, I)-A magnetic study. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 347, S. 4 - 9 (2013)
Hollmann, N.; Valldor, M.; Wu, H.; Hu, Z.; Qureshi, N.; Willers, T.; Chin, Y. Y.; Cezar, J. C.; Tanaka, A.; Brookes, N. B. et al.; Tjeng, L. H.: Orbital occupation and magnetism of tetrahedrally coordinated iron in CaBaFe4O7. Physical Review B 83 (18), 180405, S. 180405-1 - 180405-4 (2011)

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