Yan, Binghai
Binghai Yan
Group leader
Phone: +49 351 4646-3324
Humboldt Fellowship by Humboldt Foundation in Germany (2008)
ARCHES Prize by BMBF and Minerva Foundation, Germany (2013)

Publication highlights

Y. Xu, B. Yan, H. J. Zhang, J. Wang, G. Xu, P. Z. Tang, W. H. Duan, and S. C. Zhang, "Large-Gap Quantum Spin Hall Insulators in Tin Films," Physical Review Letters 111 (13), 136804-1-136804-5 (2013).
Shu-Chun Wu, Guangcun Shan, and Binghai Yan, "Prediction of Near-Room-Temperature Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect on Honeycomb Materials," Physical Review Letters 113 (25), 1-5 (2014).

Quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) insulator with the largest energy gap

Quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) insulator with the largest energy gap. Based on the large gap quantum Hall (QSH) insulator Stanene [1], we proposed a QAH insulator with energy gap as large as 300 meV. Different from dilute magnetic doping, we introduce the ferromagnetism by creating Sn-pz dangling bonds in the honeycomb lattice. Strong exchange coupling and SOC lead to the QAH insulator [2].

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