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Publications of the Department Solid State Chemistry

Journal Article (69)

  1. 2014
    Peter Adler, Vadim Ksenofontov, Avijit Kumar Paul, Manfred Reehuis, Binghai Yan, Martin Jansen, and Claudia Felser, "Magnetic phase transitions and iron valence in the double perovskite Sr2FeOsO6," Hyperfine Interactions 226, 289-297 (2014).
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  4. Rico Berthold, Marek Mihalkovic, Ulrich Burkhardt, Yurii Prots, Altangerel Amarsanaa, and Guido Kreiner, "Crystal structure, disorder and composition of the 2/1 approximant in the Al-Mg-Zn system revisited," Intermetallics 53, 67-84 (2014).
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  7. Jing Fan, Wilder Carrillo-Cabrera, Iryna Antonyshyn, Yurii Prots, Igor Veremchuk, Walter Schnelle, Christina Drathen, Lidong Chen, and Yuri Grin, "Crystal Structure and Physical Properties of Ternary Phases around the Composition Cu5Sn2Se7 with Tetrahedral Coordination of Atoms," Chemistry of Materials 26 (18), 5244-5251 (2014).
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