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Hanna Visiting Professorship for Andy Mackenzie

November 05, 2018
Professor Andy Mackenzie has been awarded a Hanna Visiting Professorship at Stanford University. [more]
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Solving a new puzzle for the first heavy fermion superconductor

May 17, 2018
The first heavy-fermion superconductor CeCu2Si2 was thought to have d-wave gap with node, until recent new measurements evident a fully opened gap. Recently, scientists from MPI-CPfS, Zhejiang University, Rice University and the University of Augsburg found a resolution to this puzzle based on measurements of the London penetration depth, which reconcile the d-wave pairing symmetry and nodeless gap structure. [more]
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Nicolas Kurti Science Prize: Congratulations to Dr. Philip Moll

May 08, 2018
Warm congratulations to Max Planck Research Group Leader Dr. Philip Moll, who has been awarded the 2018 Nicolas Kurti Science Prize for Europe.    [more]
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Second congratulations to Dr. Mark Barber

May 04, 2018
We are delighted to announce that Dr. Mark Barber, whose Otto Hahn Medaille we announced on 20 April 2018, has also won a Springer Thesis Award. [more]
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Otto Hahn Medaille: Congratulations to Dr. Mark Barber 

April 20, 2018
We are delighted to announce that Mark Barber from the Physics of Quantum Materials department has been awarded an Otto Hahn Medaille by the Max Planck Society for his doctoral thesis research. [more]
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