Gooth, Johannes
Johannes Gooth
Telefon: +49 351 4646-3324
Raum: B3.3.32

Thermal transport in topological materials

Nanostructured Quantum Matter Group
Nanostructured Quantum Matter Group

PhD position: Synthesis of topological semimetal nanostructures

Stellenangebot vom 21. August 2018

Our group investigates how the physics in topological quantum matter changes, when the sample size is scaled down to the nanometer scale. We therefore develop new approaches to synthesize single-crystalline nanostructures from topological semimetals, such as Dirac and Weyl semimetals; build sophisticated nanoscale transport devices; and investigate their electrical and thermal transport properties. Especially fascinating are collective excitations that behave similar to the elementary particles, allowing to explore the connection between condensed matter and high energy physics.

Project: The PhD project will involve a broad spectrum of experimental techniques and state-of-the-art nanofabrication. You will explore new approaches to synthesize topological semimetal nanostructures, such as selective area growth, vapor liquid solid growth or chemical exfoliation. The project involves the down-scaling of bulk materials as well as the growth of entirely new structures, such as nanoplates and nanowires in tube furnaces. You will make full use of the institutes infrastructure, comprising the new clean room, the chemical labs and crystallographic characterization tools.

Student profile: Candidates should have a strong background in material science or chemistry and should show the ability to work independently, in particular when driving nanostructure synthetization.

If you are interested to work in a young, vibrant group, we are looking forward to your application at johannes.gooth@cpfs.mpg.de

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