Sun, Yan
Yan Sun
Group leader

Phone: +49 351 4646-3432
Room: B2.3.24

Theory topology

Publication highlights

A. K. Paul, M. Reehuis, V. Ksenofontov, B. H. Yan, A. Hoser, D. M. Többens, P. M. Abdala, P. Adler, Martin Jansen, and C. Felser, "Lattice Instability and Competing Spin Structures in the Double Perovskite Insulator Sr2FeOsO6," Physical Review Letters 111, 1-5 (2013).
A. K. Paul, M. Jansen, B. Yan, C. Felser, M. Reehuis, and P. M. Abdala, "Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Physical Properties of Sr2FeOsO6," Inorganic Chemistry 52 (11), 6713-6719 (2013).
Binghai Yan, Avijit Kumar Paul, Sudipta Kanungo, Manfred Reehuis, Andreas Hoser, Daniel M. Toebbens, Walter Schnelle, Robert C. Williams, Tom Lancaster, Fan Xiao, Johannes S. Moeller, Stephen J. Blundell, William Hayes, Claudia Felser, and Martin Jansen, "Lattice-Site-Specific Spin Dynamics in Double Perovskite Sr2CoOsO6," Physical Review Letters 112 (14), 1-6 (2014).
Sudipta Kanungo, Binghai Yan, Martin Jansen, and Claudia Felser, "Ab initio study of low-temperature magnetic properties of double perovskite Sr2FeOsO6," Physical Review B 89 (21), 1-6 (2014).

Magnetism and geometrical frustration in double perovskites

Magnetism and geometrical frustration in double perovskites. Beyond topological materials, we also investigate 3d–5d double perovskites in collaboration with our oxides subgroup. The subtle balance between the spin freedom and lattice distortion induce interesting magnetism and phase transitions in Sr2FeOsO6 and Sr2CoOsO6. We revealed the unusually large long-range exchange coupling, e.g. Os – Os >> Os – Co  or Os – Fe [1][2][3][4].

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