Quantum Information for Quantum Materials

Quantum Information explores systems with few degrees of freedom that can maintain quantum coherent states for long periods of time, and where individual degrees of freedom can be manipulated to create new systems and operations. In recent years, the rapid growth in the ability to isolate and control coherent quantum systems has improved our understanding of fundamental quantum physics and generated important technological applications. At the same time, improvements in material growth and sample fabrication have given us access to a wide variety of quantum materials – many body systems which exhibit exotic macroscopic phenomena that are directly tied to the strong quantum effects in their microscopic structure.

The Quantum Information for Quantum Materials group works at the intersection of these fields. Our goal is to utilize coherent quantum systems as sensors to explore novel materials and collective quantum effects, and utilize quantum materials to create novel hybrid quantum systems. Our group mainly specializes in two experimental techniques: quantum scanning magnetometry based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond, and hybrid superconducting circuits integrated with quantum materials.

We are an independent group within the Max Planck Institute, but we collaborate closely with the other departments and research groups.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit our group website: qi-qm.com

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