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A collaboration between our Institute and the group of Stuart Brown at the University of California Los Angeles has discovered that one of the foundational experiments performed on the famous superconductor Sr2RuO4 gave an incorrect result.  This realisation both solves an outstanding experimental puzzle and reinvigorates this field of research. more

Natalia Gloriozova was awarded the best poster prize at the 17th European Conference on Solid State Chemistry (ECSSC) in Lille, France. more

Imagine a world in which electricity could flow through the grid without any losses or where all the data in the world could be stored in the cloud without the need for power stations.  This seems unimaginable but a path towards such a dream has opened with the discovery of a new family of materials with magical properties. more

The Wolfgang Johannes Hönle - Foundation for „Art and Chemistry“ allows the opening of a new art exhibition with works by Sabine Wrabetz at the MPI CPfS in Dresden this month. more

Be5Pt is a rare representative of semiconductors, formed by metallic elements only. The gap in the band structure appears because of the combination of relativistic effects with the unique chemical bonding picture containing polar two-atomic and multi-atomic Pt-Be interactions. more

The new cage compound MgSi5 forms at extreme conditions in a multi-anvil device. The new framework motif features conventional Si-Si bonds in the network plus a new type of multi-center bonding between the silicon and the magnesium atoms in the cages. more

Recently, the iron chalcogenides received considerable attention in the condensed physics community more

Dr. Ricardo D. dos Reis, a former postdoctoral fellow in the department of Physics of Quantum Materials at the Max Planck Institute of Chemical Physics of Solids, will head the newly established Max Planck Partner Group based at SIRIUS, the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory, LNLS, in Campinas, Brazil. more

Dr. Chi-Nan Wu was awarded the best poster prize at the 4th Functional Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Energy and Information Technology Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal. more

Chiral topology is the new frontier in the field of quantum matter. In the recent study, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids in Dresden discovered new fermions beyond the concept of the conventional Weyl, Dirac or Majorana fermions in chiral crystals. The new findings promises vast opportunities for future quantum applications. more

Dr. Brett Leedahl was awarded with the Poster Session Award at the 11th International Conference on Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS 2019) held at Stony Brook, USA, in 24-28 June 2019. more

Since his retirement, Martin Jansen has been coordinating the group "Functional Oxides" of the Department of Solid State Chemistry at our institute as a guest scientist and professor emeritus.  We are very pleased about the successful joint research and congratulate Martin Jansen on this high award. more

The 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting was dedicated to physics and took place on the island of Lindau between 30 June and 5 July 2019. more

On June 22nd, 62 dragon boat teams competed on the Elbe river in Dresden for trophies and ice cream. more

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