Sr3[Co(CN)3] and Ba3[Co(CN)3]: "Simple" compounds with extensive consequences on the chemistry of highly reduced metalates

Research report (imported) 2011 - Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids

Höhn, Peter; Jach, Franziska; Karabiyik, Boris; Agrestini, Stefano; Wagner, Frank-R.; Ruck, Michael; Tjeng, Liu Hao; Kniep, Rüdiger
Anorganische Chemie (Rüdiger Kniep)
Physik korrellierter Materie (Liu Hao Tjeng)
The CN ligands in the isotypic compounds Sr3[Co(CN)3] und Ba3[Co(CN)3] have lost their "innocence" by higher reduction and weakening of the C–N bond, for the first time. For cobalt a closed-shell (d10)-configuration was determined. The resulting mesomeric structures of the trigonal-planar complex anions, [Co1–(CN)2(CN)3–]6–, open new insight into the chemistry of metalates and coordination compounds of transition metals with CN ligands. Finally, consequences on the chemistry of carbonylmetalates can be expected, too.

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