Minerva Research Group:
Synthesis, structure, and spectroscopy of tunable materials (S3TM)

Emerging quantum technologies such as quantum computing, quantum information processing, and quantum networking promise to revolutionize society in transformative and likely unimaginable ways, just as semiconductor technology revolutionized modern electronics and computing to bring our world together as never before. The foundation of these devices are functional properties such as multiferroicity, magnetoresistance, and high-temperature superconductivity which cannot be realized in most conventional materials. These exotic phenomena are the consequence of strong interactions between charge, spin, and the atomic lattice, which — when properly understood — can be manipulated by careful tuning of elemental composition or precise engineering of sample geometry.

Our group seeks new methods to harness the subtle interplay between structure and electronic states in order to stabilize or enhance these functional properties. Uniting principles from chemistry, physics, and materials science, we leverage a combination of synthesis, physical property measurement, and advanced characterization techniques to explore and engineer new compounds and methods of realizing them. We also leverage post-synthetic methods such as high-energy radiation and applied strain to explore the tunability of our materials. 

Our research is driven by close collaborations with other groups in the Physics of Quantum Materials Department, as well as other departments here at CPfS, across the Max Planck Society, and at leading universities worldwide include Stanford University, Cornell University, and the University of California Berkeley. 

We welcome new members and collaborators who share our passion for exploration and discovery at the atomic scale — if you are interested in working together or finding out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

S3TM Group News

And we're off!

And we're off!

June 07, 2023

S3TM is officially a group! more

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