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April 02, 2014

Our institute offers an internet service "eduroam" which is an international project to provide Internet service without a VPN. It can be used by students and employees of our institute. Guests are also able to connect with "eduroam", if their home-institutions are a member of "eduroam".


  • You need a valid account at your home-institution
  • Your home-institution offer the "eduroam" service
  • The guest-institution offer the "eduroam" service
  • Your notebook/smartphone/tablet have a WIFI-interface
  • The Operating System supports PEAP/MSCHAPv2 or TTLS/PAP


  • Security Type * WPA 2 Enterprize / AES
  • (alternative) WPA / TKIP
  • EAP type protected EAP (PEAP)
  • Authentication Method EAP-MSCHAP v2
  • SSID eduroam
  • Username **
  • Password CPfS-password

certificates (affects CPfS-users)

Most likely certificates required for the secure connection to the institute's authentication server are preinstalled on your device and the connection is automatically established. If any certificate errors occur, try to manually install following certificates to your device:

eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool provides configuration assistant tools (CAT) for various platforms.

The CAT prepared for our institute can be found under:

Please be aware: The tools, the link above points to, will not work for users of another organisations.

After opening the link in a web browser your operating system is recognized automatically and you see further instructions for your platform.

Please note: The user name consists of your account name follwed by ""

* Make sure you're using the WPA2 Enterprise security protocol which provides mechanisms against stealing your credentials by a fake server that claims to be an eduroam Wireless Access Point.

** Note: when inputing the username please DON'T use your email address (, but the account name for accessing the institutes network follwed by "" (f.e.

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