Turnbull, Luke

Post Doctoral Research Scientist
Spin3D: Three-Dimensional Magnetic Systems
+49 351 4646-2239

Main Focus

Topological magnetism
Magnetic microscopy
3D magnetic nanostructures

Curriculum Vitae

Post-doctoral research scientist, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, 2022-
PhD, Durham University, Durham, UK, 2018- 2022
MPhys, Durham University, Durham UK, 2014-2018

Relevant Publications

LA Turnbull, MT Littlehales, MN Wilson, MT Birch, H Popescu, N Jaouen, JAT Verezhak, G Balakrishnan, PD Hatton, X-ray holographic imaging of magnetic surface spirals in FeGe lamellae, Physical Review B 106 6 (2022)

MT Birch, L Powalla, S Wintz, O Hovorka, K Litzius, JC Loudon, LA Turnbull, V Nehruji, K Son, C Bubeck, TG Rauch, M Weigand, E Goering, M Burghard, G Schütz, History-dependent domain and skyrmion formation in 2D van der Waals magnet Fe3GeTe2, Nature Communications 13 1 1-11 (2022)

R Brearton, LA Turnbull, JAT Verezhak, G Balakrishnan, PD Hatton, G van der Laan, T Hesjedal, Deriving the skyrmion Hall angle from skyrmion lattice dynamics, Nature Communications 12 2723 (2021)

LA Turnbull, MT Birch, A Laurenson, N Bukin, EO Burgos-Parra, H Popescu, MN Wilson, A Stefančič, G Balakrishnan, FY Ogrin, PD Hatton, Tilted X-ray holography of magnetic bubbles in MnNiGa lamellae, ACS nano 15 1 387-395 (2020)

MT Birch, D Cortés-Ortuño, LA Turnbull, MN Wilson, F Groß, N Träger, A Laurenson, N Bukin, SH Moody, M Weigand, G Schütz, H Popescu, R Fan, P Steadman, JAT Verezhak, G Balakrishnan, JC Loudon, AC Twitchett-Harrison, O Hovorka, H Fangohr, FY Ogrin, J Gräfe, PD Hatton, Real-space imaging of confined magnetic skyrmion tubes, Nature Communications 11 1 1-8 (2020)

JC Loudon, AC Twitchett‐Harrison, D Cortés‐Ortuño, MT Birch, LA Turnbull, A Štefančič, FY Ogrin, EO Burgos‐Parra, N Bukin, A Laurenson, H Popescu, M Beg, O Hovorka, H Fangohr, PA Midgley, G Balakrishnan, PD Hatton, Do Images of Biskyrmions Show Type‐II Bubbles?, Advanced Materials 31 16 (2019)

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