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  1. 2005
    Journal Article
    Schlechte, A.; Schmidt, M.; Cichorek, T.; Simon, P.; Prots, Y.; Doert, T.; Niewa, R.; Steglich, F.; Kniep, R.: Ordnung und Unordnung in Phasen vom PbFCl-Typ im System Zr-As-Se. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Supplement 22, p. 173 - 173 (2005)
  2. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Adhikari, R.; Lichte, H.; Michler, G. H.; Langela, M.: Electron Holography and AFM Studies on Styrenic Block Copolymers and a High Impact Polystyrene. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 96 (5), pp. 1573 - 1583 (2005)
  3. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Schwarz, U.; Kniep, R.: Hierarchical architecture and real structure in a biomimetic nano-composite of fluorapatite with gelatine: a model system for steps in dentino- and osteogenesis? Journal of Materials Chemistry 15 (47), pp. 4992 - 4996 (2005)
  4. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Lichte, H.; Mönter, D.; Reschetilowski, W.; Valera, A.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.: Electron Holography, a Versatile Tool for Characterization of Materials: Fluoroapatite-Gelatine-Composites, SiC and SiO2. Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie 631 (6-7), pp. 983 - 992 (2005)
  5. 2004
    Journal Article
    Armbrüster, M.; Simon, P.; Grin, Y.: Bildung von Nano-Zinn-Whiskern durch Korrosion von MnSn2. Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie 630, p. 1702 - 1702 (2004)
  6. Journal Article
    Cao, G. H.; Simon, P.; Skrotzki, W.: Transmission electron microscopy study of YNi2B2C thin film growth on MgO(001). Journal of Materials Research 19 (5), pp. 1413 - 1416 (2004)
  7. Journal Article
    Cao, G. H.; Simon, P.; Krämer, U.; Wimbush, S. C.; Holzapfel, B.: Transmission Electron Microscopy and High-Resolution Electron Microscopy Study of YNi2B2C Thin Film on Y2O3-Buffered MgO. Chemistry of Materials 16 (5), pp. 842 - 845 (2004)
  8. Journal Article
    Göbel, C.; Simon, P.; Buder, J.; Tlatlik, H.; Kniep, R.: Phase formation and morphology of calcium phosphate-gelatine-composites grown by double diffusion technique: the influence of fluoride. Journal of Materials Chemistry 14 (14), pp. 2225 - 2230 (2004)
  9. Journal Article
    Maennig, B.; Drechsel, J.; Gebeyehu, D.; Simon, P.; Kozlowski, F.; Werner, A.; Li, F.; Grundmann, S.; Sonntag, S.; Koch, M. et al.; Leo, K.; Pfeiffer, M.; Hoppe, H.; Meissner, D.; Sariciftci, N. S.; Riedel, I.; Dyakonov, V.; Parisi, J.: Organic p-i-n solar cells. Applied Physics A 79 (1), pp. 1 - 14 (2004)
  10. Journal Article
    Reinstorf, A.; Ruhnow, M.; Gelinsky, M.; Pompe, W.; Hempel, U.; Wenzel, K.-W.; Simon, P.: Phosphoserine - a convenient compound for modification of calcium phosphate bone cement collagen composites. Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Medicine 15 (4), pp. 451 - 455 (2004)
  11. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Maennig, B.; Lichte, H.: Conventional Electron Microscopy and Electron Holography of Organic Solar Cells. Advanced Functional Materials 14 (7), pp. 669 - 676 (2004)
  12. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Lichte, H.; Wahl, R.; Mertig, M.; Pompe, W.: Electron holography of non-stained bacterial surface layer proteins. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes 1663 (1-2), pp. 178 - 187 (2004)
  13. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Formánek, P.; Göbel, C.; Geiger, D.; Ramlau, R.; Tlatlik, H.; Buder, J.; Kniep, R.: On the real-structure of biomimetically grown hexagonal prismatic seeds of fluorapatite-gelatine-composites: TEM investigations along [001]. Journal of Materials Chemistry 14 (14), pp. 2218 - 2224 (2004)
  14. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Göbel, C.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Formánek, P.; Geiger, D.; Ramlau, R.; Tlatlik, H.; Buder, J.; Kniep, R.: Fluorapatit-Gelatine-Komposite: Biomimetische Morphogenese und Realstruktur. Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie 630, p. 1760 - 1760 (2004)
  15. 2003
    Journal Article
    Doert, T.; Fokwa, B. P. T.; Simon, P.; Lidin, S.; Söhnel, T.: LaSeTe2-Temperature Dependent Structure Investigation and Electron Holography on a Charge-Denstiy-Wave-Hosting Compound. Chemistry - A European Journal 9, pp. 5865 - 5872 (2003)
  16. Journal Article
    Guo, L.; Ji, Y. L.; Xu, H. B.; Wu, Z. Y.; Simon, P.: Synthesis and evolution of rod-like nano-scaled ZnC2O4·2H2O whiskers to ZnO nanoparticles. Journal of Materials Chemistry 13 (4), pp. 754 - 757 (2003)
  17. Journal Article
    Ji, Y.; Guo, L.; Xu, H.; Liu, J.; Li, X.; Li, Y.; Wu, Z.; Simon, P.: Synthesis and phase transition under ultra-high pressure of ZnS nanoparicles modified by sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate. Physica Satus Solidi A 198 (1), pp. 210 - 214 (2003)
  18. Journal Article
    Kiriy, N.; Jähne, E.; Adler, H. J.; Schneider, M.; Kiriy, A.; Gorodyska, G.; Minko, S.; Jehnichen, D.; Simon, P.; Fokin, A. A. et al.; Stamm, M.: One-dimensional aggregation of regioregular polyalkylthiophenes. Nano Letters 3 (6), pp. 707 - 712 (2003)
  19. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Lichte, H.; Drechsel, J.; Formanek, P.; Graff, A.; Wahl, R.; Mertig, M.; Adhikari, R.; Michler, G. H.: Electron Holography of Organic and Biological Materials. Advanced Materials 15 (17), pp. 1475 - 1481 (2003)
  20. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Ramlau, R.; Busch, S.; Göbel, C.; Kniep, R.: Electron Microscopy of Biomimetic Solid Composites. Microscopy and Microanalysis 9 (S03), pp. 464 - 465 (2003)
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