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  1. 2017
    Journal Article
    Feng, X.-J.; Böhme, B.; Bobnar, M.; Simon, P.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Burkhardt, U.; Schmidt, M.; Schwarz, U.; Baitinger, M.; Strassner, T. et al.; Grin, Y.: An Amorphous Phase of Zinc and Silicon at Composition Zn2Si5(:H, OH). Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 643, pp. 106 - 113 (2017)
  2. Journal Article
    Simon, P.; Feng, X.-J.; Bobnar, M.; Höhn, P.; Schwarz, U.; Carrillo-Cabrera, W.; Baitinger, M.; Grin, Y.: Redox Route from Inorganic Precursor Li2C2 to Nanopatterned Carbon. ACS Nano 11 (2), pp. 1455 - 1465 (2017)
  3. 2015
    Journal Article
    Feng, X.-J.; Prots, Y.; Bobnar, M.; Schmidt, M. P.; Schnelle, W.; Zhao, J.-T.; Grin, Y.: Zintl-Phase Sr3 LiAs2 H: Crystal Structure and Chemical Bonding Analysis by the Electron Localizability Approach. Chemistry – A European Journal 21 (41), pp. 14471 - 14477 (2015)
  4. Journal Article
    Wang, X.; Guo, K.; Veremchuk, I.; Burkhardt, U.; Feng, X.; Grin, J.; Zhao, J.: Thermoelectric properties of Eu- and Na-substituted SnTe. Journal of Rare Earths 33 (11), pp. 1175 - 1181 (2015)
  5. 2013
    Journal Article
    Feng, X.-J.; Prots, Y.; Schmidt, M. P.; Hoffmann, S.; Veremchuk, I.; Schnelle, W.; Burkhardt, U.; Zhao, J.-T.; Grin, Y.: Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of Two Zintl Phases around the Composition SrLiAs. Inorganic Chemistry 52 (15), pp. 8971 - 8978 (2013)
  6. 2011
    Journal Article
    Guo, K.; Cao, Q.-G.; Feng, X.-J.; Tang, M.-B.; Chen, H.-H.; Guo, X.; Chen, L.; Grin, Y.; Zhao, J.-T.: Enhanced Thermoelectric Figure of Merit of Zintl Phase YbCd2–xMnxSb2 by Chemical Substitution. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2011 (26), pp. 4043 - 4048 (2011)

Thesis (1)

  1. 2013
    Feng, X.-J.: The synthesis, structures, and properties of the new Zintl phases ALiX (A = Ca, Sr, Ba, Eu, Yb; X = Sb, As, Bi). X, 134 pp., University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai (2013)
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