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    Sun, Y.; Felser, C.; Yan, B.: Graphene-like Dirac states and quantum spin Hall insulators in square-octagonal M X2 (M = Mo, W; X = S, Se, Te) isomers. Physical Review B 92 (16), 165421, pp. 1 - 5 (2015)
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    Sun, Y.; Wu, S.-C.; Yan, B.: Topological surface states and Fermi arcs of the noncentrosymmetric Weyl semimetals TaAs, TaP, NbAs, and NbP. Physical Review B 92 (11), 115428, pp. 1 - 11 (2015)
  3. Journal Article
    Sun, Y.; Wu, S.-C.; Ali, M. N.; Felser, C.; Yan, B.: Prediction of Weyl semimetal in orthorhombic MoTe2. Physical Review B 92 (16), 161107, pp. 1 - 7 (2015)
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    Yang, L. X.; Liu, Z. K.; Sun, Y.; Peng, H.; Yang, H. F.; Zhang, T.; Zhou, B.; Zhang, Y.; Guo, Y. F.; Rahn, M. et al.; Prabhakaran, D.; Hussain, Z.; Mo, S.-K.; Felser, C.; Yan, B.; Chen, Y. L.: Weyl semimetal phase in the non-centrosymmetric compound TaAs. Nature Physics 11, pp. 728 - 732 (2015)
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    Zhou, L.; Kou, L.; Sun, Y.; Felser, C.; Hu, F.; Shan, G.; Smith, S. C.; Yan, B.; Frauenheim, T.: New Family of Quantum Spin Hall Insulators in Two-dimensional Transition-Metal Halide with Large Nontrivial Band Gaps. Nano Letters 15 (12), pp. 7867 - 7872 (2015)
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