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    Niewa, R.; Czulucki, A.; Schmidt, M.; Auffermann, G.; Cichorek, T.; Meven, M.; Pedersen, B.; Steglich, F.; Kniep, R.: Crystal structure investigations of ZrAsxSey (x>y, x+y≤2) by single crystal neutron diffraction at 300 K, 25 K and 2.3 K. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 183 (6), pp. 1309 - 1313 (2010)
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    Schöneich, M.; Schmidt, M. P.; Schmidt, P.: Chemical Vapour Transport of Bismuth and Antimony Chalcogenides M2Q3 (M= Sb, Bi, Q= Se, Te). Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie 636 (9-10), pp. 1810 - 1816 (2010)
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    Wosylus, A.; Hoffmann, S.; Schmidt, M.; Ruck, M.: In-situ Study of the Solid-Gas Reaction of BiCl3 to BiOCl via the Intermediate Hydrate BiCl3∙H2O. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2010 (10), pp. 1469 - 1471 (2010)
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    Golbs, S.; Cardoso-Gil, R.; Schmidt, M.: Crystal structure of europium arsenate, EuAsO4. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie-New Crystal Structures 224, pp. 169 - 170 (2009)
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    Gumeniuk, R.; Bischoff, E.; Burkhardt, U.; Prots, Y.; Schnelle, W.; Vasylechko, L.; Schmidt, M.; Kuzma, Y.; Grin, Y.: Order-disorder transition and valence state of ytterbium in YbAuxGa2-x (0.26 ≤ χ ≤ 1.31). Journal of Solid State Chemistry 182, pp. 3374 - 3382 (2009)
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    Janson, O.; Schnelle, W.; Schmidt, M.; Prots, Y.; Drechsler, S.-L.; Filatov, S. K.; Rosner, H.: Electronic structure and magnetic properties of the spin-1/2 Heisenberg system CuSe2O5. New Journal of Physics 11, 113034, pp. 113034-1 - 113034-19 (2009)
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    Małecka, M. A.; Burkhardt, U.; Kaczorowski, D.; Schmidt, M. P.; Goran, D.; Kępiński, L.: Structure and phase stability of nanocrystalline Ce1-xLnxO2-x/2-δ(Ln = Yb, Lu) in oxidizing and reducing atmosphere. Journal of Nanoparticle Research 11, pp. 2113 - 2124 (2009)
  8. Journal Article
    Schlechte, A.; Niewa, R.; Prots, Y.; Schnelle, W.; Schmidt, M.; Kniep, R.: CeAsSe - Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Physical Properties. Inorganic Chemistry 48, pp. 2277 - 2284 (2009)
  9. Journal Article
    Schlechte, A.; Meier, K.; Niewa, R.; Prots, Y.; Schmidt, M.; Kniep, R.: Crystal structure of zirconium phosphide sulphide, ZrP1.4S0.6. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures 224, pp. 395 - 396 (2009)
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    Schmitt, M.; Janson, O.; Schmidt, M.; Hoffmann, S.; Schnelle, W.; Drechsler, S.-L.-; Rosner, H.: Crystal-water-induced switching of magnetically active orbitals in CuCl2. Physical Review B 79, 245119, pp. 245119-1 - 245119-5 (2009)
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    Sichevych, O.; Kohout, M.; Schnelle, W.; Borrmann, H.; Cardoso-Gil, R.; Schmidt, M.; Burkhardt, U.; Grin, Y.: EuTM2Ga8 (TM = Co, Rh, Ir) - A Contribution to the Chemistry of the CeFe2Al8-type Compounds. Inorganic Chemistry 48, pp. 6261 - 6270 (2009)
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    Vashook, V.; Franke, D.; Zosel, J.; Vasylechko, L.; Schmidt, M.; Guth, U.: Electrical conductivity and oxygen nonstoichiometry in the double B mixed La0.6Ca0.4Mn1-xCoxO3-δ perovskite system. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 487, pp. 577 - 584 (2009)
  13. Journal Article
    Kovnir, K.; Schmidt, M.; Waurisch, C.; Armbrüster, M.; Prots, Y.; Grin, Y.: Refinement of the crystal structure of dipalladium gallium, Pd2Ga. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures 223, pp. 7 - 8 (2008)
  14. Journal Article
    Kraft, R.; Hoffmann, R.-D.; Sebastian, C. P.; Pöttgen, R.; Prots, Y.; Schnelle, W.; Schmidt, M.; Grin, Y.: Magnesium-Containing Polyanion and Intermediate Europium Valence: Crystal Structure, Chemical Bonding, and Properties of EuMg1-xTl1+x (x = 0.013-0.058). Chemistry of Materials 20, pp. 1948 - 1955 (2008)
  15. Journal Article
    Leoni, S.; Ramlau, R.; Meier, K.; Schmidt, M.; Schwarz, U.: Nanodomain fragmentation and local rearrangements in CdSe under pressure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 105, pp. 19612 - 19616 (2008)
  16. Journal Article
    Schmitt, M.; Schmidt, M.; Schnelle, W.; Drechsler, S.-L.; Rosner, H.: Crystal water induced alteration of magnetic exchange interactions. Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie 634 (11), p. 2076 - 2076 (2008)
  17. Journal Article
    Vashook, V.; Franke, D.; Vasylechko, L.; Zosel, J.; Rebello, J.; Ahlborn, K.; Fichtner, W.; Schmidt, M.; Wen, T. -.; Guth, U.: Electrical conductivity and oxygen non-stoichiometry of the double B mixed perovskite series La0.6Ca0.4Mn1-yMeyO3-delta with Me=Fe, Co, Ni and x=0-0.6. Solid State Ionics 179 (21-26), pp. 1101 - 1107 (2008)
  18. Journal Article
    Armbrüster, M.; Schmidt, M.; Cardoso-Gil, R.; Borrmann, H.; Grin, Y.: Crystal structures of iron distannide, FeSn2, and cobalt distannide, CoSn2. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie-New Crystal Structures 222, pp. 83 - 84 (2007)
  19. Journal Article
    Cichorek, T.; Gnida, D.; Niewa, R.; Schlechte, A.; Schmidt, M.; Prots, Y.; Ramlau, R.; Henkie, Z.; Kniep, R.; Steglich, F.: Resistivity Anomaly in Structurally Disordered PbFCl-type Arsenide Selenides. Journal of Low Temperature Physics 147 (3-4), pp. 309 - 319 (2007)
  20. Journal Article
    Dedkov, Y. S.; Molodtsov, S. L.; Rosner, H.; Leithe-Jasper, A.; Schnelle, W.; Schmidt, M.; Grin, Y.: Divalent state of ytterbium in YbFe4Sb12 filled skutterudite. Physica C 460 - 462, pp. 698 - 699 (2007)
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