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2021.06.09 Elena gives a talk entitled "The challenging postdoc stage" in a seminar series on diversity organised by Max-Planck postdocnet.

2021.03 Our new colleague Konstantin Semeniuk has arrived. Welcome Konstantin.

2021.01 Elena has a talk at the Münchener Physik Kolloquium

2020.11.2 Winter semester starts. Elena teaches “Physics in Extreme Conditions” at Master level at TUM and a seminar at bachelor level together with Prof. J. Fassbender at TU Dresden. Due to the current Corona restrictions, these are all online courses.

2020.10.26 Our new 16 T magnet plus cryostat is being installed.

2020.10.13 Elena holds an online-seminar at the Flatiron Institute, New York.

2020.07.13 Barbecue of the group!

2020.02 - 2020.11 Corona hits us hard with homeoffice, homeschooling, restricted experiments, cancelled conferences, impossible travel to our families.

2020.04  The summer semester starts. Elena teaches a seminar on the effect of stereotypes on our career.

2019.10.21  Winter semester starts at TUM. Elena will teach Experimental Physics 1 for Chemists.

2019.10.13  Elena teaches at an Autumn School in Les Houches, France.

2019.09.16  This week, Javier presents a poster at a summer school on Unconventional Superconductivity in Spain.

2019.08.05  Parisa is at a summer school in Cargèse, France.

2019.07.26 Together with Tobias Meng from TU Dresden, a Perspective by Elena is published in Science.

2019.07.01  Marcel has successfully defended his PhD at TUM in Munich. Congratulations Dr. Naumann!

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