Resonant X-ray Scattering (RXS)

The UHV diffractometer end station, jointly designed with Dr. Christian Schüßler-Langeheine, is capable of performing  resonant x-ray scattering as well as coherent diffraction experiments. The main part is a two-circle diffractometer with independent sample and detector rotations in horizontal scattering geometry. The sample to detector distance can be up to 192 mm. A fully motorized four-axis (X,Y,Z,Chi) manipulator is equipped and the sample stage can be cooled down to 10 K. Two types of detectors are installed. One is an aluminum coated silicon photo diode with a set of slits (0.5, 1,2 4 mm) in the front, which can be changed in vacuum. The other is an in-vacuum CCD camera from Princeton Instruments.

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