Max-Planck-POSTECH Center for Complex Phase Material

The Max-Planck-POSTECH Center for Complex Phase Material (MPPC-CPM) aims to establish international collaboration between Asia and Europe research groups working in complex phase material. Especially, we would like to stimulate exchanging researchers and experimental opportunities.

A main mission of MPPC-CPM is to synthesis new complex phase material and to investigate physical properties and electronic structures. In order to achieve a comprehensive understanding on a complex phase material, we integrate a research capability of mainly Korea and Germany as well as Asia and Europe. Cooperating with MPI-CPfS in Dresden, Germany, we provide scientific career opportunities of PhD researchers as well as graduate and undergraduate students by exchange programs.

In research part, we cooperate not only to develop new complex phase material, but also to investigate physical origin of novel properties. Already established research facilities in Europe and Asia region provide experimental chances to each other and researchers of both sides support to access those facilities. In addition, we are developing a new spectroscopy beamline in Pohang Light Source, Korea to study complex phase material based on 3d, 4d transition metals and 4f rare-earths. The research topic covers correlated oxides and chalcogenides, low dimensional material, heterostructure, and so on.

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