To generate high pressures we utilize self-designed diamond anvil cell (DAC). The materials used to produce DAC and its dimensions allow performing electrical transport measurements at high pressures in magnetic field with commercial PPMS as well as in self-designed cryogenic setup in temperature range 1.5 - 300 K.

Our laboratory is equipped with infrastructure necessary for DAC and sample preparation: state of the art optical microscopes, infrared laser ablation setup, glovebox for preparation of chemically reactive samples, mechanic and electronic workshops etc.

To study the lattice dynamic of the crystalline matter at high pressure we use self-designed Raman optical confocal microscope system for diamond anvil cells which allows performing of in situ high pressure Raman spectroscopy studies with spectral resolution of <1 cm-1 and spatial resolution of <5 μm. The long working distance of the used objective allows performing Raman spectroscopy studies at high pressures and low temperatures in our cryogenic setup.

The magnetotransport properties (magnetoresistance and Hall-effect measurements) of solids under pressure are studied can be studied in temperature range 1.5 – 300 K in magnetic filed up to 9 T in “Oxford Insturments” 9 T cryomagnet. The measurements are conducted at isothermal field sweeps and the Hall voltage is extracted as the asymmetric component under magnetic field reversal.

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