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The phenomenon of superconductivity, providing current transmission without dissipation and a host of unique magnetic properties arising from macroscopic quantum coherence, was first discovered over a century ago. It was not understood until 1957, after which it quickly became clear that superconductors could in principle exist with a wide variety of the fundamental characteristic often referred to as the order parameter. Until the late 1970’s, however, all superconductors found experimentally had the same class of order parameter. more

The analogy between the behaviour of different quantum particles which have the same quantum nature is one of the most fascinating aspects of science. A simple but prominent example is the analogy between the behaviour of electrons (fermions) in a one-dimensional metal and spinons (fermions) in a one-dimensional quantum magnet. But, what are spinons? more

Maja Bachmann of the Physics of Quantum Materials department has been awarded the Otto-Hahn-Medaille of the Max Planck Society for her outstanding doctoral research. more

Researchers at MPI-CPfS have shown, through muon implantation experiments, that in Sr2RuO4 the onset of superconductivity causes spontaneous electrical currents to flow. They did this by showing that the onset of these currents splits from the main superconducting transition under uniaxial stress, which proves that it is a distinct transition, not a measurement artefact. more

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