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    Hanna Visiting Professorship for Andy Mackenzie

    November 05, 2018

    Professor Andy Mackenzie has been awarded a Hanna Visiting Professorship at Stanford University ( and will spend four weeks at Stanford in early 2019.  The Professorship is targeted at giving Stanford graduate students the chance to interact with visiting scientists; awardees since its inception in 2017 have included Leonid Levitov, Subir Sachdev and the Max Planck Society’s Ignacio Cirac.  In addition to informal interactions, Professor Mackenzie will deliver the Condensed Matter seminar and a departmental Colloquium.  His Physics of Quantum Materials department (PQM) already has close connections with Stanford – Clifford Hicks and Hilary Noad did their PhDs there, while PQM alumni Heike Pfau and Stephen Edkins are currently post-docs at Stanford.  We hope that this Visiting Professorship will further strengthen those mutually beneficial links.  Andy especially wants to thank his colleagues Juri Grin, Hao Tjeng, Claudia Felser and Petra Nowak for agreeing to him being away for four weeks during his time as Managing Director, and in particular Juri Grin for agreeing to deputise for him.

    Andy Mackenzie
    Andy Mackenzie

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