Inauguration of the new MPI-NSRRC beamline in Taiwan

The newly constructed MPI-NSRRC TPS 45A beamline has been inaugurated on 7-May-2019 in the presence of the German Ambassador in Taiwan and the Deputy Minister of the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology.

May 10, 2019

The undulator-based soft-x-ray beamline is loacted at the new high-brilliance Taiwan Photon Source of the NSRRC in Hsinchu, Taiwan. With 3 MEuro investments from the PCM department, we will have a new facility to carry out photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS, ARPES) and x-ray absorption (XAS, XMCD) experiments with a beam spot size of order 1 μm x 1 μm. This will give us the unique opportunity to investigate small samples with full beam intensity. In particular, we expect to obtain single-crystalline quality data from even powder samples by searching for grains which have dimensions larger than several μm. This in turn will give us worldwide a major advantage in the study and characterization of new materials.


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