OTF Conference Poster Award Winner

July 24, 2019

Complex oxide thin films are finding applications in a wide range of energy and information technologies, including electron and ion conductors, photovoltaics, thermoelectrics, dielectrics, and resistive switching. The Functional Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Energy and Information Technology (OTF) Conference offers an excellent platform for discussions on the advances in materials physics and chemistry for researchers from all over the world. The 4th OTF Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal on 17 - 20 July 2019, follows the success of the first, second and third OTF conferences in Chicago, Cancun and Rome which took place in July 2014, March 2015, July 2017.

The organizers and participants acknowledged Dr. Chi-Nan Wu´s research by awarding the best poster prize for his work on ‘High-quality thulium iron garnet films with tunable perpendicular magnetic anisotropy by off-axis sputtering – correlation between magnetic properties and film strain’. We congratulate Dr. Chi-Nan Wu on the great success.

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