Faculty position for Dr. Clifford Hicks

July 31, 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Clifford Hicks, who will take up a new position as a Reader at the University of Birmingham from 1st August 2020.   Clifford has been integral to the establishment of the Physics of Quantum Materials Department, working in it since its inception.  Building on his invention of a new technique for applying uniaxial pressure, made while working in St Andrews, he has helped turn it into a new field of international research.  A range of his cell designs has been made commercially available through Razorbill Instruments, a company which he co-founded, resulting in well over one hundred sales world-wide.  Here in Dresden, he has combined performing cutting edge physics research on ruthenates, iron selenide, delafossites and cuprates with pushing the boundaries of uniaxial pressure research with a further series of ingenious cell designs that will influence the field for many years to come.

Happily for us, Clifford will move to Birmingham gradually rather than suddenly, and will retain a long-term collaborative affiliation with the Institute.  Our wonderful workshop technicians can expect a continuing flow of innovative and challenging tasks for a long time yet!

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