Katrin Demian
Phone: +49 351 4646-4608
Fax: +49 351 4646-4641
Room: C1.4.05a
Claudia Strohbach
Phone: +49 351 4646-4678
Fax: +49 351 4646-4641
Room: C1.4.05a
Amy Wright
Phone: +49 351 4646-4688
Fax: +49 351 4646-4602
Room: C1.4.05a

Press Releases

Rosner, Helge
Helge Rosner
Group leader
Phone: +49 351 4646-2233
Fax: +49 351 4646-4902
Room: B1.2.33

Public Relations

Ingrid Rothe
Ingrid Rothe
Phone:+49 351 4646-3001

Public Relations

Public Relations

How to make the recent findings and developments within the walls of our institute accessible for the public? Our public relations team tries to reach out to the community and present them our intern news – in a vivid and attention-grabbing way.

One of our highlights is the “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften” (LNW). The LNW is a local science event where the major research institutions present their work to the curious and show them the fascination behind researching.

Besides being part of events like that, we are hosting events, workshops and lab tours and try to reach out to the public by releasing press releases and with TV and broadcast reports.

With our close connection to our research partners like the TU Dresden and by being a member of the “DRESDEN-concept” network; our institute has made its place in Dresden’s public.

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