1. Practical Quantum Mechanics for Experimental Solid State Physicists
Modul:Phy-Ma-Vert: Physikalische Vertiefung
Lecture language German and English
Summary of Lecture: *** The 1st lecture will be given on Thursday April 15th 2021. Please send me an email if you are interested and I will keep you up to date for any new developments: lecture.tjeng@cpfs.mpg.de *** The lectures will be given via ZOOM. The lectures take place on Thursdays from 9:20 AM to 10:50 AM. The Meeting room will be open 10 minutes before the start of the lecture. Please use your real name as user name, so that the host can identify and include you. Electronic structure of solids with examples which include also strongly correlated systems: • hydrogen molecule, chains, planes, solids • Peierls's transition, impurity states • surface states, polar terminations • Tight-Binding calculations: cuprates, ruthenates • One-particle vs. Many-body framework • Ground state and Excitations • Density of States and Spectral Weights, Doping dependence • H2 molecule – Heitler-London vs. Hubbard • Transition Metal Oxides: configuration interaction • Kondo systems: Gunnarsson and Schönhammer
Scope:lecture: 2 hours/week
Audience:Vertiefung Bachelor (PV) und Master (alle)
Specialization area:Elektronische Eigenschaften von Festkörpern (Vorlesung im Fakultativteil der Wahlpflichtvertiefung)
Previous knowledge:Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Physics
Certificate:Ja / Yes
Enrolment:zoom --1. Vorlesung / 1st Lecture: 15 April 2021

The lecture aims to explain the basic concepts and tools to describe the electronic structure of solid state materials. The contrast between one-particle approaches and (unsolvable) many-body models will be clarified. Hands-on exercises using computers will be presented to address topics such as the transition metal oxides (cuprates, ruthenates) and Kondo systems.

2. Introduction to Spectroscopic Methods for Strongly Correlated Quantum Materials

This is a UBC lecture, presented together with Bernhard Keimer (MPI FKF Stuttgart).

Starting date: 11 May 2021   --- Tuesdays + Thursdays,  17:30-18:45 and 19:00-20:15 Dresden time

                                                                                                          8:30-9:45 and 10-11:15 am Vancouver time

contact/registration:  lecture.tjeng@cpfs.mpg.de