SoSe 2018

Practical Quantum Mechanics II: Strongly Correlated Systems
Modul: Phy-Ma-Vert: Physikalische Vertiefung
Lecture language   Englisch
Lecturer(s):   Tjeng, Liu Hao
Phone:   46464900
Summary of Lecture:  

Electronic structure of  strongly correlated systems: One-particle vs. Many-body framework, Ground state and Excitations,Density of States and Spectral Weights, H2 molecule – Heitler-London, Hubbard, Total energy diagrams - Configuration interaction, Atomic multiplet theory - Solid state screening, Transition Metal Oxides: Zaanen-Sawatzky-Allen, Kondo systems: Gunnarsson and Schönhammer, Mixed Valent Systems, Doping dependence, Transfer of Spectral Weight, Green’s Functions formalism.

Scope: lecture:   2  hours/week
Time/location: DI(3) MPICPfS SR1+2
Audience:  Vertiefung Bachelor (PV) und Master (alle)
Specialization area: Elektronische Eigenschaften von Festkörpern (Vorlesung im Fakultativteil der Wahlpflichtvertiefung)
Previous knowledge:  Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Physics
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