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Cascales-Sandoval, M. A.; Hierro-Rodriguez, A.; Ruiz-Gómez, S.; Skoric, L.; Donnelly, C.; Niño, M.A.; McGrouther, D.; McVitie, S.; Flewett, S.; Jaouen, N. et al.; Belkhou, R.; Foerster, M.; Fernandez-Pacheco, A.: Determination of optimal experimental conditions for accurate 3D reconstruction of the magnetization vector via XMCD-PEEM. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 31 (2), pp. 336 - 342 (2024)
Cascales Sandoval, M. A.; Hierro-Rodríguez, A.; Ruiz Gómez, S.; Skoric, L.; Donnelly, C.; Niño, M. A.; Vedmedenko, E. Y.; McGrouther, D.; McVitie, S.; Flewett, S. et al.; Jaouen, N.; Foerster, M.; Fernández-Pacheco, A.: Observation and formation mechanism of 360° domain wall rings in synthetic anti-ferromagnets with interlayer chiral interactions. Applied Physics Letters 123 (17), 172407, pp. 1 - 8 (2023)
Girardi, D.; Finizio, S.; Donnelly, C.; Rubini, G.; Mayr, S.; Levati, V.; Cuccurullo, S.; Maspero, F.; Raabe, J.; Petti, D. et al.; Albisetti, E.: Spin-wave emission and propagation in a magnetically nanopatterned thick Synthetic Antiferromagnet. Proceedings of SPIE 12656, 126560F, pp. 1 - 9 (2023)
Sandoval, M. A. C.; Hierro-Rodríguez, A.; Sanz-Hernández, D.; Skoric, L.; Christensen, C. N.; Donnelly, C.; Fernández-Pacheco, A.: Fourier-space generalized magneto-optical ellipsometry. Physical Review B 107 (17), 174420, pp. 1 - 10 (2023)
Di Pietro Martínez, M.; Wartelle, A.; Herrero Martínez, C.; Fettar, F.; Blondelle, F.; Motte, J.-F.; Donnelly, C.; Turnbull, L.; Ogrin, F.; Van Der Laan, G. et al.; Popescu, H.; Jaouen, N.; Yakhou-Harris, F.; Beutier, G.: Three-dimensional tomographic imaging of the magnetization vector field using Fourier transform holography. Physical Review B 107 (9), 094425, pp. 1 - 11 (2023)
Fullerton, J.; Hierro-Rodriguez, A.; Donnelly, C.; Sanz-Hernández, D.; Skoric, L.; MacLaren, D.A.; Fernández-Pacheco, A.: Controlled evolution of three-dimensional magnetic states in strongly coupled cylindrical nanowire pairs. Nanotechnology 34 (12), 125301, pp. 1 - 11 (2023)
Pip, P.; Treves, S.; Massey, J. R.; Finizio, S.; Luo, Z.; Hrabec, A.; Scagnoli, V.; Raabe, J.; Philippe, L.; Heyderman, L. J. et al.; Donnelly, C.: X-ray imaging of the magnetic configuration of a three-dimensional artificial spin ice building block. APL Materials 10 (10), 101101, pp. 1 - 8 (2022)
Kimel, A.; Zvezdin, A.; Sharma, S.; Shallcross, S.; de Sousa, N.; García-Martín, A.; Salvan, G.; Hamrle, J.; Stejskal, O.; McCord, J. et al.; Tacchi, S.; Carlotti, G.; Gambardella, P.; Salis, G.; Münzenberg, M.; Schultze, M.; Temnov, V.; Bychkov, I. V.; Kotov, L. N.; Maccaferri, N.; Ignatyeva, D.; Belotelov, V.; Donnelly, C.; Rodriguez, A. H.; Matsuda, I.; Ruchon, T.; Fanciulli, M.; Sacchi, M.; Du, C. R.; Wang, H.; Armitage, N. P.; Schubert, M.; Darakchieva, V.; Liu, B.; Huang, Z.; Ding, B.; Berger, A.; Vavassori, P.: The 2022 magneto-optics roadmap. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 55 (46), 463003, pp. 1 - 64 (2022)
Fernández-Pacheco, A.; Donnelly, C.: The racetrack breaks free from the substrate. Nature Nanotechnology, pp. 1 - 2 (2022)
Skoric, L.; Donnelly, C.; Hierro-Rodriguez, A.; Cascales Sandoval, M. A.; Ruiz-Gómez, S.; Foerster, M.; Niño, M. A.; Belkhou, R.; Abert, C.; Suess, D. et al.; Fernández-Pacheco, A.: Domain Wall Automotion in Three-Dimensional Magnetic Helical Interconnectors. ACS Nano 16 (6), pp. 8860 - 8868 (2022)
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Fanfan Meng, Claire Donnelly, Luka Skoric, Aurelio Hierro-Rodriguez, Jung-wei Liao, Amalio Fernández-Pacheco
Fabrication of a 3D Nanomagnetic Circuit with Muli-Layered Materials for Applications in Spintronics
Micromachines 12, 859 (2021)
Luka Skoric, Claire Donnelly, Claas Abert, Aurelio Hierro-Rodriguez, Dieter Suess, Amalio Fernández-Pacheco
Micromagnetic modeling of magnetic domain walls in curved cylindrical nanotubes and nanowires
APL 118, 242403 (2021)
Fanfan Meng, Claire Donnelly, Claas Abert, Luka Skoric, Stuart Holmes, Zhuocong Xiao, Jung-Wei Liao, Peter J Newton, Crispin HW Barnes, Dédalo Sanz-Hernández, Aurelio Hierro-Rodriguez, Dieter Suess, Russell P Cowburn, Amalio Fernández-Pacheco
Non-planar geometrical effects on the magnetoelectrical signal in a three-dimensional nanomagnetic circuit
ACS Nano 15, 6765 (2021)
Claire Donnelly, Konstantin L Metlov, Valerio Scagnoli, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Mirko Holler, Nicholas S Bingham, Jörg Raabe, Laura J Heyderman, Nigel R Cooper, Sebastian Gliga
Experimental observation of magnetic vortex rings in a bulk magnet
Nature Physics 17, 316 (2021)


Petai Pip, Claire Donnelly, Max Döbeli, Christopher Gunderson, Laura J Heyderman, Laetitia Philippe
Electroless deposition of Ni-Fe alloys on scaffolds for 3D nanomagnetism
Small 16, 2004099 (2020)
Dédalo Sanz-Hernández, Aurelio Hierro-Rodriguez, Claire Donnelly, Javier Pablo-Navarro, Andrea Sorrentino, Eva Pereiro, César Magén, Stephen McVitie, José María de Teresa, Salvador Ferrer, Peter Fischer, Amalio Fernández-Pacheco
Artificial double-helix for geometrical control of magnetic chirality
ACS Nano 14, 8084 (2020)
Claire Donnelly, Simone Finizio, Sebastian Gliga, Mirko Holler, Aleš Hrabec, Michal Odstrčil, Sina Mayr, Valerio Scagnoli, Laura J Heyderman, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Jörg Raabe
Time-resolved imaging of three-dimensional nanoscale magnetization dynamics
Nature Nanotechnology 15, 356 (2020) 
Claire Donnelly, Valerio Scagnoli
Imaging three-dimensional magnetic systems with X-rays
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 32 213001 (2020)
Katharina Witte, Andreas Späth, Simone Finizio, Claire Donnelly, Benjamin Watts, Blagoj Sarafimov, Michal Odstrcil, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Mirko Holler, Rainer H Fink, Joerg Raabe
From 2D STXM to 3D Imaging: Soft X-ray Laminography of Thin Specimens
Nano Letters 20, 1305 (2020)


Luka Skoric, Dedalo Sanz-Hernandez, Fanfan Meng, Claire Donnelly, Sara Merino-Aceituno, Amalio Fernández-Pacheco
Layer-by-layer growth of complex-shaped three-dimensional nanostructures with focused electron beams
Nano Letters 20, 184 (2019)
Jannis Lehmann, Claire Donnelly, Peter M Derlet, Laura J Heyderman, Manfred Fiebig,
Poling of an artificial magneto-toroidal crystal
Nature Nanotechnology 14, 141 (2019)


Claire Donnelly, Sebastian Gliga, Valerio Scagnoli, Mirko Holler, Jörg Raabe, Laura J Heyderman, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos
Tomographic reconstruction of a three-dimensional magnetization vector field
New Journal of Physics 20, 083009 (2018)


Claire Donnelly, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Valerio Scagnoli, Sebastian Gliga, Mirko Holler, Jörg Raabe, Laura J Heyderman
Three-dimensional magnetization structures revealed with X-ray vector nanotomography
Nature 547, 328 (2017)


Claire Donnelly, Valerio Scagnoli, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Mirko Holler, Fabrice Wilhelm, Francois Guillou, Andrei Rogalev, Carsten Detlefs, Andreas Menzel, Jörg Raabe, Laura J Heyderman
High-resolution hard x-ray magnetic imaging with dichroic ptychography
Physical Review B 94, 064421 (2016)


Claire Donnelly, Manuel Guizar-Sicairos, Valerio Scagnoli, Mirko Holler, Thomas Huthwelker, Andreas Menzel, Ismo Vartiainen, Elisabeth Müller, Eugenie Kirk, Sebastian Gliga, Jörg Raabe, Laura J Heyderman
Element-specific X-ray phase tomography of 3D structures at the nanoscale
Physical Review Letters 114, 115501 (2015)
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