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  1. 2013
    Journal Article
    Abdel-Hafiez, M.; Grinenko, V.; Aswartham, S.; Morozov, I.; Roslova, M.; Vakaliuk, O.; Johnston, S.; Efremov, D. V.; van den Brink, J.; Rosner, H. et al.; Kumar, M.; Hess, C.; Wurmehl, S.; Wolter, A. U. B.; Büchner, B.; Green, E. L.; Wosnitza, J.; Vogt, P.; Reifenberger, A.; Enss, C.; Hempel, M.; Klingeler, R.; Drechsler, S. L.: Evidence of d-wave superconductivity in K1-xNaxFe2As2 (x=0,0.1) single crystals from low-temperature specific-heat measurements. Physical Review B 87 (18), 180507, pp. 180507-1 - 180507-4 (2013)
  2. Journal Article
    Akbari, A.; Thalmeier, P.: Full t-matrix approach to quasiparticle interference in non-centrosymmetric superconductors. European Physical Journal B 86 (12), 495, pp. 495-1 - 495-11 (2013)
  3. Journal Article
    Akbari, A.; Thalmeier, P.: Multiorbital and hybridization effects in the quasiparticle interference of the triplet superconductor Sr2RuO4. Physical Review B 88 (13), 134519, pp. 134519-1 - 134519-8 (2013)
  4. Journal Article
    Akbari, A.; Thalmeier, P.: Rashba spin-orbit coupling effects in quasiparticle interference of non-centrosymmetric superconductors. Europhysics Letters 102 (5), 57008, pp. 57008-1 - 57008-6 (2013)
  5. Journal Article
    Akbari, A.; Thalmeier, P.: Spin excitons from hybridized heavy quasiparticles in YbB12 and CeB6. Journal of the Korean Physical Society 62 (10), pp. 1418 - 1422 (2013)
  6. Journal Article
    Akbari, A.; Thalmeier, P.; Eremin, I.: Evolution of the multiband Ruderman–Kittel–Kasuya–Yosida interaction: application to iron pnictides and chalcogenides. New Journal of Physics 15, 033034, pp. 033034-1 - 033034-16 (2013)
  7. Journal Article
    Beekman, M.; Disch, S.; Rouvimov, S.; Kasinathan, D.; Koepernik, K.; Rosner, H.; Zschack, P.; Neumann, W. S.; Johnson, D. C.: Controlling Size-Induced Phase Transformations Using Chemically Designed Nanolaminates. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 52 (50), pp. 13211 - 13214 (2013)
  8. Journal Article
    Berdonosov, P. S.; Janson, O.; Olenev, A. V.; Krivovichev, S. V.; Rosner, H.; Dolgikh, V. A.; Tsirlin, A. A.: Crystal structures and variable magnetism of PbCu2(XO3)2Cl2 with X = Se, Te. Dalton Transactions 42 (26), pp. 9547 - 9554 (2013)
  9. Journal Article
    Bhaskar, A.; Gruner, W.; Mikhailova, D.; Ehrenberg, H.: Thermal stability of Li1−ΔM0.5Mn1.5O4 (M = Fe, Co, Ni) cathodes in different states of delithiation Δ. Rsc Advances 3 (17), pp. 5909 - 5916 (2013)
  10. Journal Article
    Blanco, J. A.; Fak, B.; Jensen, J.; Rotter, M.; Hiess, A.; Schmitt, D.; Lejay, P.: Phasons, amplitude modes, and spin waves in the amplitude-modulated magnetic phase of PrNi2Si2. Physical Review B 87 (10), 104411, pp. 104411-1 - 104411-9 (2013)
  11. Journal Article
    Blaschkowski, B.; Rosner, H.; Schnelle, W.; Schleid, T.: Sulfidiodide (MSI) der schweren Lanthanoide (M = Gd – Lu): Kristallstrukturen und magnetische Eigenschaften. Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie 639 (2), pp. 237 - 240 (2013)
  12. Journal Article
    Chen, Y.-J.; Hsieh, Y.-H.; Liao, S.-C.; Hu, Z.; Huang, M.-J.; Kuo, W.-C.; Chin, Y.-Y.; Uen, T.-M.; Juang, J.-Y.; Lai, C.-H. et al.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, C.-T.; Chu, Y.-H.: Strong magnetic enhancement in self-assembled multiferroic-ferrimagnetic nanostructures. Nanoscale 5 (10), pp. 4449 - 4453 (2013)
  13. Journal Article
    de Jong, S.; Kukreja, R.; Trabant, C.; Pontius, N.; Chang, C. F.; Kachel, T.; Beye, M.; Sorgenfrei, F.; Back, C. H.; Brauer, B. et al.; Schlotter, W. F.; Turner, J. J.; Krupin, O.; Doehler, M.; Zhu, D.; Hossain, M. A.; Scherz, A. O.; Fausti, D.; Novelli, F.; Esposito, M.; Lee, W. S.; Chuang, Y. D.; Lu, D. H.; Moore, R. G.; Yi, M.; Trigo, M.; Kirchmann, P.; Pathey, L.; Golden, M. S.; Buchholz, M.; Metcalf, P.; Parmigiani, F.; Wurth, W.; Fohlisch, A.; Schussler-Langeheine, C.; Durr, H. A.: Speed limit of the insulator-metal transition in magnetite. Nature Materials 12 (10), pp. 882 - 886 (2013)
  14. Journal Article
    Doerr, M.; Loewenhaupt, M.; Wagh, A. A.; Kumar, P. S. A.; Elizabeth, S.; Roessler, S.; Rotter, M.; Wirth, S.: Interplay of Structural Distortions, Dielectric Effects and Magnetic Order in Multiferroic GdMnO3. Journal of the Korean Physical Society 62 (10), pp. 1449 - 1452 (2013)
  15. Journal Article
    Drees, Y.; Lamago, D.; Piovano, A.; Komarek, A. C.: Hour-glass magnetic spectrum in a stripeless insulating transition metal oxide. Nature Communications 4, 2449, pp. 2449-1 - 2449-11 (2013)
  16. Journal Article
    Friedemann, S.; Paschen, S.; Geibel, C.; Wirth, S.; Steglich, F.; Kirchner, S.; Abrahams, E.; Si, Q.: Comment on "Zeeman-Driven Lifshitz Transition: A Model for the Experimentally Observed Fermi-Surface Reconstruction in YbRh2Si2''. Physical Review Letters 111 (13), 139701, pp. 139701-1 - 139701-2 (2013)
  17. Journal Article
    Ge, C. N.; Wan, X. G.; Pellegrin, E.; Hu, Z.; Valvidares, S. M.; Barla, A.; Liang, W. I.; Chu, Y. H.; Zou, W. Q.; Du, Y. W.: Direct observation of rotatable uncompensated spins in the exchange bias system Co/CoO-MgO. Nanoscale 5 (21), pp. 10236 - 10241 (2013)
  18. Journal Article
    Gou, H. Y.; Dubrovinskaia, N.; Bykova, E.; Tsirlin, A. A.; Kasinathan, D.; Schnelle, W.; Richter, A.; Merlini, M.; Hanfland, M.; Abakumov, A. M. et al.; Batuk, D.; Van Tendeloo, G.; Nakajima, Y.; Kolmogorov, A. N.; Dubrovinsky, L.: Discovery of a Superhard Iron Tetraboride Superconductor. Physical Review Letters 111 (15), 157002, pp. 1 - 5 (2013)
  19. Journal Article
    Guillou, F.; Zhang, Q.; Hu, Z.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Chin, Y.-Y.; Lin, H. J.; Chen, C. T.; Tanaka, A.; Tjeng, L. H.; Hardy, V.: Coupled valence and spin state transition in (Pr0.7Sm0.3)0.7Ca0.3CoO3. Physical Review B 87 (11), 115114, pp. 115114-1 - 115114-9 (2013)
  20. Journal Article
    Hollmann, N.; Hu, Z.; Maignan, A.; Günther, A.; Jang, L.-Y.; Tanaka, A.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, C. T.; Thalmeier, P.; Tjeng, L. H.: Correlation effects in CaCu3Ru4O12. Physical Review B 87 (15), 155122, pp. 155122-1 - 155122-8 (2013)
  21. Journal Article
    Huang, M.-J.; Deng, G.; Chin, Y. Y.; Hu, Z.; Cheng, J.-G.; Chou, F. C.; Conder, K.; Zhou, J.-S.; Pi, T.-W.; Goodenough, J. B. et al.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, C. T.: Determination of hole distribution in Sr14-xCaxCu24O41 using soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy at the Cu L3 edge. Physical Review B 88 (1), 014520, pp. 014520-1 - 014520-6 (2013)
  22. Journal Article
    Janson, O.; Chen, S.; Tsirlin, A. A.; Hoffmann, S.; Sichelschmidt, J.; Huang, Q.; Zhang, Z.-J.; Tang, M.-B.; Zhao, J.-T.; Kniep, R. et al.; Rosner, H.: Structure and magnetism of Cr2[BP3O12]: Towards the quantum-classical crossover in a spin-3/2 alternating chain. Physical Review B 87 (6), 064417, pp. 064417-1 - 064417-11 (2013)
  23. Journal Article
    Kasinathan, D.; Koepernik, K.; Janson, O.; Nilsen, G. J.; Piatek, J. O.; Ronnow, H. M.; Rosner, H.: Electronic structure of KTi(SO4)2•H2O: An S=½ frustrated chain antiferromagnet. Physical Review B 88 (22), 224410, pp. 1 - 9 (2013)
  24. Journal Article
    Koz, C.; Rößler, S.; Tsirlin, A. A.; Wirth, S.; Schwarz, U.: Low-temperature phase diagram of Fe1+yTe studied using x-ray diffraction. Physical Review B 88 (9), 094509, pp. 094509-1 - 094509-10 (2013)
  25. Journal Article
    Kuratieva, N. V.; Bànki, M.; Tsirlin, A. A.; Eckert , J.; Ehrenberg, H.; Mikhailova, D.: New Lithium Copper Borates with BO3 Triangles: Li6CuB4O10, Li3CuB3O7, Li8Cu7B14O32, and Li2CU9B12O28. Inorganic Chemistry 52 (24), pp. 13974 - 13983 (2013)
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