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Freccero, R.; De Negri, S.; Saccone, A.; Solokha, P.: Solid state interactions in the La-Au-Mg system: phase equilibria, novel compounds and chemical bonding. Dalton Transactions 49 (34), pp. 12056 - 12067 (2020)
Journal Article
Riani, P.; Freccero, R.; Sufryd, K.; Arrighi, L.; Cacciamani, G.: The 500 °C Isothermal Section of the Al-Co-Nd Ternary System. Journal of Phase Equilibria, pp. 347 - 364 (2020)
Journal Article
Freccero, R.; Solokha, P.; De Negri, S.; Saccone, A.; Grin, Y.; Wagner, F. R.: Polar-Covalent Bonding Beyond the Zintl Picture in Intermetallic Rare-Earth Germanides. Chemistry – A European Journal 25, pp. 6600 - 6612 (2019)
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