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Journal Article
Park, G.-H.; Reichlova, H.; Schlitz, R.; Lammel, M.; Markou, A.; Swekis, P.; Ritzinger, P.; Kriegner, D.; Noky, J.; Gayles, J. et al.; Sun, Y.; Felser, C.; Nielsch, K.; Goennenwein, S. T. B.; Thomas, A.: Thickness dependence of the anomalous Nernst effect and the Mott relation of Weyl semimetal Co2MnGa thin films. Physical Review B 101 (6), 060406, pp. 1 - 7 (2020)
Journal Article
Taylor, J. M.; Markou, A.; Lesne, E.; Sivakumar, P. K.; Luo, C.; Radu, F.; Werner, P.; Felser, C.; Parkin, S. S. P.: Anomalous and topological Hall effects in epitaxial thin films of the noncollinear antiferromagnet Mn3Sn. Physical Review B 101 (9), 094404, pp. 1 - 6 (2020)
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