Claudia Felser receives GRC-Alexander-M-Cruickshank-Lecturer Award

October 02, 2014

In July, Claudia Felser received the GRC-Alexander-M-Cruickshank-Lecturer Award at the “Gordon Research Conference” in New London (New Hampshire).

At this conference, international experts met to discuss new research results in the area of solid state chemistry, in particular with respect to new materials and technologies for sustainable energy generation.

In recent years, solid state and materials chemistry have played a significant role in the development of new technologies, since many of the technologies are limited by the presently available materials. In particular, the interdisciplinary research of chemistry, physics and materials research in connection with complex computer simulations has led to large progress in preparation and design of new materials with properly tailored electronic, optical, magnetic or catalytic properties.

The GRC-Alexander-M-Cruickshank-Lecturers are awarded annually in the domains of biological, chemical and physical sciences.

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