The centre component of the cluster is a 9.4-m-long linear transfer system with transfer positions for seven chambers in total.

Starting from the top right of Figure 1, samples with a maximum size of 2 inches can be loaded into a cassette of six holders. The samples can be introduced into the system from the air side or via a glove box. The latter opens an enormous space for new experiments in combination with Heusler bulk compounds and thin films. Because bulk materials are often prepared under Ar atmosphere by arc melting or inductive heating, a clean surface can be guaranteed when mounted and transferred via the connected glove box. Therefore, the properties of bulk materials can be studied under controlled conditions. Even experiments that combine Heusler bulk samples and thin films are possible (e.g., transport properties or spin currents of spincaloric devices). An internal storage manipulator with 16 positions for samples and masks is connected opposite to the load lock/glove box position. A carriage with four pockets for sample holders is used to transfer the samples to the attached chambers. Positioning of this carriage is motorised and computer controlled. To guarantee cleanliness of the surfaces, the base pressure of our distribution chamber is <5 x 10-10 mbar. Owing to the required long magnetic transporter for sample transfer, cameras on all handover positions assist us. The video images are submitted to a tablet computer, which also controls the pockets and positions of the individual chambers.

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