Special Programs for Female Scientists

1)           Lise Meitner Excellence Program

From 2018, up to ten further Lise Meitner Groups will be advertised to recruit and promote exceptionally qualified female scientists as part of the new Lise Meitner Excellence Program. The Lise Meitner Groups are furnished with their own resources for their entire duration of five years.

Every new researcher in the Lise Meitner Excellence Program receives the offer to take part in the tenure track process, which – following a positive decision by the tenure committee – will lead to a permanent W2 post with group equipment. 

2)      Elisabeth-Schiemann-Kolleg

Within the Elisabeth Schiemann Kolleg scientific members of the Max Planck Society foster the careers of excellent female scientists after their postdoc phase, helping them to succeed on their way to an appointment as a tenured professor or as a director of a research institution. The Schiemann Kolleg supports activities, which help its fellows successfully establish themselves in the scientific community. Additionally, the Kolleg offers a platform for transdisciplinary scientific exchange. The support of the Elisabeth Schiemann Kolleg is of non-material nature.

3)      Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation

The Foundation for the promotion of science and research, initiated in 2004, supports talented young women with children. It aims to enable them to create the freedom and mobility required to further their scientific careers. The Foundation wishes to help prevent science from losing excellent talent. It is aimed specifically at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the fields of experimental natural sciences and medicine.

Next Deadline  30th of November 2018

4)     Sign Up! Careerbuilding for Postdocs of the MPG

The Max Planck Society, in collaboration with EAF Berlin,  has developed the program “Sign Up! Career building” for female scientists. The postdocs develop leadership skills and are supported for leadership responsibilities in science through a career-orientated network. The aim is to assist and motivate female scientists in their orientation phase of their scientific career and support their individual career plans. Candidates are nominated by a director of the MPI CPfS.

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