Recent research highlights at PQM

New developments in Sr2RuO4
C.W. Hicks, M. Nicklas, A.P. Mackenzie more
Unconventional superconductivity in heavy fermion systems
S. Khim, M. Brando, C. Geibel, E. Hassinger, M. Nicklas, H. Rosner, A.P. Mackenzie more
Field-induced transition within the superconducting state of CeRh2As2
E. Hassinger, S. Khim, M. Brando, C. Geibel, A.P. Mackenzie more
Cu- and Yb- based planar triangular lattice magnets
M. Baenitz, B. Schmidt, H. Rosner, S. Khim more
Quantum magnetism in low dimensional spin systems
H. Rosner, M. Brando, M. Baenitz more
Ferromagnetic quantum criticality
M. Brando, M. Nicklas, M. Baenitz, C. Geibel more
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