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Press Release: Dynamic atomic reconstruction: how Fe3O4 thin films evade polar catastrophe for epitaxy

October 18, 2016
The growth process of polar interfaces of oxide materials in general is a mystery. Recently, MPI CPfS scientists, in collaboration with University of Cologne, Hiroshima University, ESRF, and NSRRC, make a paradigm shift in understanding how polar interfaces can grow. An unexpected but elegant growth principle is developed, namely ‘dynamic atomic reconstruction’, in which atoms rearrange themselves during the deposition such that a well ordered and smooth interface is formed, despite the destabilizing forces due to the catastrophic electrostatic potential. [more]
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Press Release: Single-domain multiferroic BiFeO3 films

September 21, 2016
The room temperature multiferroic material BiFeO3 is highly expected for the design and development of technological devices with novel functionalities. However, the multi-domain nature of the material tends to nullify the properties  of  interest  and  complicates  the  thorough understanding of the mechanisms that are responsible for those properties. Recently, MPI CPfS scientists demonstrated the realization of a BiFeO3 material in thin film form with single-domain behavior in both its magnetism and ferroelectricity. [more]
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Press Release: The challenge of heavy fermions

August 26, 2016
Heavy fermion systems are ideally suited to study strong electronic correlations. These fascinating materials are characterized by a clear separation of the relevant energy scales and may exhibit quantum critical points, non-Fermi-liquid behavior and unconventional superconductivity coexisting or competing with magnetism. [more]
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Pressemeldung: Metal vacancy orderings in defect anti-perovskite Fe2SeO

August 10, 2016
In crystalline materials, the ordering of two or more different anions is far from understood. The main reason is probably that Nature cannot "perform" this chemistry easily. The observed Se-O ordering in Fe2SeO inspires for further explorative investigations and opens up a new field in inorganic chemistry.  [more]
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Press Release: Discovery of a new class of multiferroic materials

June 29, 2016
A new class of magnetically driven multiferroics with high critical temperature has been discovered recently in a collaboration of scientists from the MPI CPfS Dresden and the ILL Grenoble (France). [more]
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Press Release: Zhiwei Li appointed as Associate Professor at the University of Lanzhou

June 23, 2016
Dr. Zhiwei has been working in the department of Physics of Correlated Matter of Prof. Dr. L.H. Tjeng. His research was in the field of neutron scattering and crystal growth ... [more]
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Press Release: Electric-field control of magnetism

May 27, 2016
The ability of electrically control of magnetism determines the potential for application in the area of magnetoelectronics, spintronics and high- frequency technologies. Scientists from the MPI CPfS recently dicovered a controllable way to electrically enhance the magnetism in highly strained multiferroic BiFeO3 thin films at room temperature. [more]
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Press Release: Nano islands instead of stripes

January 08, 2015
The origin of the "hour-glass" spectrum [more]
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Press Release: Intrinsic conduction through topological surface states of Bi2Te3

November 03, 2014
Topological insulators (TI) are a new class of materials with exotic properties which have been predicted by theory just a few years ago. Unfortunately, defects in the crystal structure as well as impurities or oxidation of the surface in air often prevent an accurate experimental study of these materials, and thus hamper their development with respect to technical applications. Scientists at the MPI CPfS Dresden, in collaboration with the University of British Columbia (Canada), recently managed to circumvent these difficulties. [more]
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