2022 Magneto-Optics Roadmap: Publication & Webinar

October 13, 2022

We’re excited to share the recent publication of the 2022 Magneto-Optics Roadmap an Open Access Article providing a reference point of the state of the art, and future challenges, of modern magneto-optics. Together with Aurelio Hierro Rodriguez from the University of Oviedo, Claire Donnelly authored a section on the “Characterisation of 3D Magnetic Nanostructures”.

The roadmap was also the focus of a Webinar, entitled “Magneto-optics: grand challenges and future directions” hosted by the IOP. As one of the speakers/ panellists, Claire presented the exciting prospects and challenges of X-ray imaging of 3D structures and was involved in the discussion of what is to come for the field.

Kimel, A. et al.
“The 2022 magneto-optics roadmap”
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 55 (46), 463003, pp. 1 - 64 (2022)

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