Mapping the configuration of a 3D spin system

October 04, 2022

One of the most exciting prospects of 3D nanomagnetism is the realisation of complex 3D magnetic systems. In particular, for frustrated magnetic systems, the move to three dimensions represents an opportunity to mimic the frustration and degeneracy of real spin ices. However, realising these 3D structures on the nanoscale remains challenging.

In a work performed with colleagues from Switzerland (the Paul Scherrer Institute, ETH Zurich, University of Basel and EMPA Thun), advanced nanofabrication techniques have been developed to realise a 3D magnetic tripod structure. By mapping the 3D configuration, not only was it possible to determine the 3D magnetic structure of the tripod, but it became clear that the underlying 2D film lifts the degeneracy of the system to inform the magnetic state. This exciting first step towards future 3D frustrated magnetic systems has been published in APL Materials.

Pip, P.; Treves, S.; Massey, J. R.; Finizio, S.; Luo, Z.; Hrabec, A.; Scagnoli, V.; Raabe, J.; Philippe, L.; Heyderman, L. J., Donnelly, C.
“X-ray imaging of the magnetic configuration of a three-dimensional artificial spin ice building block”
APL Materials 10 (10), 101101, pp. 1 - 8 (2022)

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