On crystal chemistry of a well-known uranium-based antiferromagnet

November 29, 2022

In the phase diagram U-Cd, only one compound has been identified so far-UCd11 (space group Pmm). Since the discovery of this material, the physical properties of UCd11 have attracted a considerable amount of attention. In particular, its complex magnetic phase diagram - as a result of tuning with magnetic field or pressure - is not well-understood. From a chemical perspective, a range of lattice parameter values have been reported, suggesting a possibility of a considerable homogeneity range, i.e., UCd11–x. In this work, we perform a simultaneous study of crystallographic features coupled with measurements of physical properties. This work sheds light on the delicate relationship between the intrinsic crystal chemistry and magnetic properties of UCd11.

Nazar Zaremba, Kristian Witthaut, Yurii Prots, Mitja Krnel, Ulrich Burkhardt, Zachary Fisk, Yuri Grin, and Eteri Svanidze, "Crystal Chemistry and Physics of UCd11," Inorganic Chemistry 61 (49), 19695-19701 (2022).

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