Seminars in the Solid State Chemistry Department

Friday, 11 a.m., Seminar rooms 1+2 or via Zoom

Room: Seminar rooms 1-2

Feng-Ren Fan - Seminar Festkörperchemie

Bin He - Introduction to goniopolar material

Chandra Shekhar - 3D quantum Hall effect

Chenguang Fu- Pentatellurides: ZrTe5

Yi-Cheng Chen - Co2MnGa films on Mica

Shekhar Chandra - Topological Transport II

Albrecht Jander - Magnetoacoustic

Shekhar Chandra - Growth of single crystal

Claudia Felser - Topological Materials II

Johannes Gooth - Topological Transport I

Claudia Felser - Topological Materials

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