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Comprehensive Course on Topological Systems

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Comprehensive Course on Topological Systems

In the summer semester 2019, the Max Planck Institute of Solid State Chemistry again offers a comprehensive course on topological systems which is specifically targeted at PhD students and other junior researchers. Lectures will be given by several PIs of IMPRS-CPQM working in the field of topological materials, including Claudia Felser, the director of the Department for Solid-State Chemistry, and Max Planck Research Group leader Johannes Gooth. As several scientists will give lectures on their respective research area, the course will offer a broad introduction into the field of topological materials and at the same time provide a great overview over the research activities at our institute in this field. The researchers giving the individual lectures all work at the forefront of this exciting topic and are contribute to the world-leading activities at MPI CPfS in their respective research area. The lecture series will be held on Fridays from 13:00 – 14:30 (one session of 90 minutes) at the MPI-CPfS, seminar rooms 1-2. The course will start on 12 April 2019. [more]

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Co2MnGa films on Mica - Yi-Cheng Chen


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Topological Insulators - Clemens Schindler


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Topological Transport II - Shekhar Chandra


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Magnetoacoustic - Albrecht Jander


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Growth of single crystal - Shekhar Chandra


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Topological Materials II - Claudia Felser


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Topological Transport I - Johannes Gooth


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Topological Materials - Claudia Felser


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