Hall-bar of a Heusler thin film connected to a standard puck to investigate the materials transport properties

Publications of T. Nakanishi

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Journal Article
Nakanishi, T.; Nicklas, M.; Sparn, G.; Steglich, F.: Compact Hydrostatic Pressure Cell for Precise Resistivity Measurements up to 10 GPa Using PPMS. Journal of the Physical Society of Japan - Supplement A 76, pp. 223 - 225 (2007)
Journal Article
Stockert, O.; Faulhaber, E.; Schmalzl, K.; Schmidt, W.; Jeevan, H. S.; Deppe, M.; Geibel, C.; Cichorek, T.; Nakanishi, T.; Loewenhaupt, M. et al.; Steglich, F.: Peculiarities of the antiferromagnetism in CeCu2Si2. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 51, pp. 211 - 218 (2006)
Journal Article
Nakanishi, T.; Motoyama, N.; Mitamura, H.; Takeshita, N.; Takahashi, H.; Eisaki, H.; Uchida, S.; Môri, N.: Magnetic field effect on the pressure-induced superconducting state in the hole-doped two-leg ladder compound Sr2Ca12Cu24O41. Physical Review B 72, 054520, pp. 054520-1 - 054520-6 (2005)
Journal Article
Nakanishi, T.; Sparn, G.; Jeevan, H. S.; Deppe, M.; Geibel, C.; Steglich, F.: Transport properties of CeCu2(Si0.9Ge0.1)2 under hydrostatic pressure. Physica B-Condensed Matter 359-361, pp. 157 - 159 (2005)
Journal Article
Nakanishi, T.; Takeshita, N.; Mori, N.: A newly developed high-pressure cell by using modified Bridgman anvils for precise measurements in magnetic fields at low temperatures. Review of Scientific Instruments 73 (4), pp. 1828 - 1831 (2002)
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