Hall-bar of a Heusler thin film connected to a standard puck to investigate the materials transport properties

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Journal Article
Ha, T. D.; Yen, M.; Lai, Y.-H.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Chen, C.-T.; Tanaka, A.; Tsai, L.-Z.; Zhao, Y.-F.; Duan, C.-G.; Lee, S.-F. et al.; Chang, C.-F.; Juang, J.-Y.; Chu, Y.-H.: Mechanically tunable exchange coupling of Co/CoO bilayers on flexible muscovite substrates. Nanoscale 12, pp. 3284 - 3291 (2020)
Journal Article
Esser, S.; Chang, C. F.; Kuo, C.-Y.; Merten, S.; Roddatis, V.; Ha, T. D.; Jesche, A.; Moshnyaga, V.; Lin, H.-J.; Tanaka, A. et al.; Chen, C. T.; Tjeng, L. H.; Gegenwart, P.: Strain-induced changes of the electronic properties of B-site ordered double-perovskite Sr2CoIrO6 thin films. Physical Review B 97 (20), 205121, pp. 1 - 11 (2018)
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