Publications of H. B. T. Jeazet

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Journal Article
Hoffmann, S.; Jeazet, H. B. T.; Menezes, P. W.; Prots, Y.; Kniep, R.: Na3PbII[B(O3POH)4]: An Alkali-Metal Lead Borophosphate with Heterocubane-like Units Na3PbO4. Inorganic Chemistry 47, pp. 10193 - 10195 (2008)
Journal Article
Tanh Jeazet, H. B.; Menezes, P. W.; Hoffmann, S.; Prots, Y.; Kniep, R.: Crystal structures of lead(II) cobalt(II) (monophosphate-hydrogenmonoborate-monophosphate), PbCo[BP2O8(OH)], and lead(II) zinc(II) (monophosphate-hydrogenmonoborate-monophosphate), PbZn[BP2O8(OH)]. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures 221 (4), pp. 431 - 433 (2006)
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