Exhibition on the International Women’s Day at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids

March 08, 2019

To commemorate the International Women’s day, students from the MPI CPfS and MPI PKS have collaborated to prepare an exhibition about the role of women who made outstanding contributions in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics and Engineering.

The exhibition aims to highlight the important aspects of some scientific discoveries that contributed to the development of the fields above mentioned, and the overshadowed knowledge of the women who made them possible, as well as to provide the historical background around such discoveries. In that way, this exhibition uncovers the history of some of the main female figures, who certainly deserve the qualification of exceptional scientists.

Overall, this aims to be a tribute not only to the brilliant and courageous women presented in the exhibition, but also to many others not presented or who simply were erased from the history of science and have not been recognized yet. Last but not least, this event calls for a reflexion about current issues on gender inequality, which are unfortunately still a reality.


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